Mercado Libre CEO Criticizes BTC: “Bitcoin has a never-ending childhood

On September 27, through an exchange of ideas on Twitter, Marcos Galperlin was critical of Bitcoin

Marcos Galperin is known for being the founder and president of Mercado Libre. This Argentinean is also considered one of the main Internet entrepreneurs in Latin America. On September 27, through an exchange of ideas on Twitter, he was critical of Bitcoin.

The talk began with a tweet from Galperin with a video alluding to what the Internet was like in 1993: “Description of the Internet in 1993. Gopher is the system we used at the University of Pennsylvania in those years to connect. Someone at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) would connect on Sundays and upload the results of the football games, and that way we would know almost instantly (and for free)”.

Among the various responses to that tweet, it was the user @send_sats (who calls himself HoneyBadger), who made a comparison with the reference to Bitcoin: “The development of the #Bitcoin ecosystem is at a similar stage to that of the internet at that time. Few people have the vision to realise the possibilities of a nascent technology, in that gap between the present and the future are the best opportunities”.

To which Marcos Galperín replied: “mmmmmm, this has been said about Bitcoin for more than 5 years.

However, HoneyBadger later said: “When what is being built is the basis of a financial system capable of serving all of humanity, the important thing is not to make it fast but to make it extremely safe and reliable. Move fast and break things does not apply here…”